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The Truth Be Told Podcast - Hip Hop Podcast - Album Reviews

Jul 19, 2016


In this episode, Bigg UU and Riffa get a little political. They speak on the Republican National Convention, Donald Trump, Black Lives Matter and police brutality, as well as the hacker group Anonymous exposing the KKK. (We recorded this before we found out about Melania Trump's plagiarism.)

We also briefly speak about the Taylor Swift and Kanye West incident.

We delve into the basketball realm and talk about Varejao rejecting his championship ring, Kevin Durant and why he made a wack move to Golden State, Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook's alleged beef and Phil Jackson making the statement about why we should have a 4 point line.

And then... We also ask the question... That has plagued the minds of men since the dawn of century: Would you fight Shaq?

We started talking about ScHoolboy Q and then we ended up talking about Kanye and his progression while Riffa cracks the code on The Life of Pablo. Plus we also touch on why would anyone want to stay the same forever.

Also we have a new segment called: Put Riffa On. It all started with a meme. In this segment we help Riffa to understand more about what he doesn't know about. Maybe you'll learn something yourself.

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