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The Truth Be Told Podcast - Hip Hop Podcast - Album Reviews

Apr 5, 2017

What it dew Trillions! Back again with a new episode of the Truth Be Told Podcast presented by and hosted by Riffa & Bigg UU. We appreciate all of our dayoners! We start off discussing why you should man up and do that podcast that you've been wanting to do for awhile and 'The Backfire Effect'. 

In this episode, we talked about Kendrick Lamar's latest visual 'Be Humble' and some of the art happening in the video. We speak on the track itself and what to expect from Kendrick Lamar's upcoming album. We also speak on the backlash he's receiving from the feminists. 

We talked about the ultimate Backpage come up. Allegedly, a woman sold her virginity to a Hong Kong businessman for $3.47 million. Would you sell your virginity for that amount of money? We also talk about the increase of female teachers having sex with students and wonder what's the cause of this. 

Ludacris is back with a new single 'Vitamin D' featuring none other than Ty Dolla $ign and a sample from the infamous 'Thong Song' from Sisqo. We talk about Ludacris' not mentioned in the greatest emcees list and we reminisce over some of the fire shit Ludacris has released in the past. We also talk about Ludacris' acting abilities and being in one of the most profitable franchises of all time.

Listen to Luda's new single:

Plenty trailers dropped recently - It, Spiderman: Homecoming, War of the Planet of the Apes but what's the deal with these pre-teaser trailers for the actual teaser trailers. We talk about the trailer showing most of the movie for Spiderman and Iron Man being a focal point in the new movie. We also talk about the trailer for the It movie and if it will be a good movie. Joss Whedon is also going to be directing the Batgirl flick. Is this good for the DCEU?

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