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The Truth Be Told Podcast - Hip Hop Podcast - Album Reviews

Jun 21, 2016


This week, Bigg UU and Riffa link up to talk about Riffa's recent birthday, the NBA Finals and why UU thinks Steph Curry is trash, LeBron James, when animals attack, the trailer for the upcoming Tupac biopic and Riffa's latest movie tickets purchase. 

This week's interview will be with the lovely Leigh Jeffery from

We chat with Leigh about ComixCentral and their all encompassing platform which will have everything an indie comic book artist will need, their indiegogo campaign and why you should support it, her favorite comic book characters, her top 5 favorite indie comics, Stephen Colbert's indie comic, why Riffa is a douchebag for not watching Daredevil and are we done with Marvel Comics? All of that and a whole lot more.

Follow Leigh on Twitter: @leigh_jeffery but most importantly, you should follow @ComixCentral

Here's a link to their IndieGoGo: ComixCentral IndieGoGo

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