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The Truth Be Told Podcast - Hip Hop Podcast - Album Reviews

Aug 24, 2016


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In this episode we bring the guest, a local comedian by the name of Tom Teezy and we talk various levels of comedy.

We touch on legends like Patrice O'Neal, Kevin Hart, Eddie Murphy, Jamie Foxx, Aries Spears, Dave Chappelle and more. We first touch on the Dallas Cowboys while Riffa cries a thug tear. 

We talk about how Tom Teezy got his start in comedy, times he's bombed, his top 5 favorite comedians of all time and why vine and facebook comedians are falling off.

We also talk about his radio show on UITA radio and his plans for the show. We hear some nearby cats wilding the fuck out, you may hear it on the podcast. We talk about what you should if no one laughs at your jokes, and Tom Teezy explains how he loves Seinfeld and what "mixed nigga comedy" is.

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