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The Truth Be Told Podcast - Hip Hop Podcast - Album Reviews

Oct 19, 2016


In this episode we talk Football, Because we're real Americans. We talk about the return of Colin Kaepernick, the Dallas Cowboys on their win streak and the future of Tony Romo/Dak Prescott.

We also talk about Leonardo DiCaprio's new Captain Planet movie and what that would mean in 2016. Plot twist, Kwame gets stopped for jaywalking and Matee gives heart to the police.

We also talk Deplorables and their attempt at letting us know they'll assassinate Hillary Clinton if need be. We also talk about what Donald Trump is doing to the country, causing more racism and acts of violence to spread.

We also talk about Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg colliding with their own TV show on VH1. 

Mobb Deep and the Dogg Pound could be releasing a joint album which brought up the thought of who else should be dropping a collab album. We also talk TDE and Ab-Soul's latest video Huey Knew, Eminem's birthday, his new album and if he's in the greatest rappers of all time category.

Watch Ab-Soul's Huey Knew video by clicking here

Whatever happened to rap skits? What is rap missing today and why don't the young rappers sample music anymore?

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