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The Truth Be Told Podcast - Hip Hop Podcast - Album Reviews

Nov 15, 2016


In this episode, we talk President Trump or should we say President-elect Trump and what this means for America. We also talk about Obama leaving us like a parent leaving us with an evil babysitter. Riffa's mad at people who don't vote and Bigg UU talks about some of the reasons he likes Donald Trump. 

We also talk the return of Dave Chappelle to Saturday Night Live and the return of Tyrone Biggums. We discuss if he's making a full comeback and Bigg UU tells everyone why Dave Chappelle shouldn't bring back his show. And we ask the question: is Joe Rogan funny?

Riffa gives us a quick rundown of Conor McGregor's win at UFC and he lets us know what to look forward to for the next upcoming fight. Bigg UU also talks about his MJ crying meme.

We get into a little football talk with the Cowboys going 8-1, being the best team in the NFL and Baylor QB's Seth Russell's gruesome leg break.

The trailer for Valerian dropped and here's what we had to say about it. We also talk about the overuse of CG and why we should go back to the old ways.

We talk Ghost in The Shell's film adaptation starring Scarlett Johansson and we talk the whitewashing in American film.

We put Riffa onto some guy's music which became the soundtrack to a revolution and some super explicit music from UGK. 

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