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The Truth Be Told Podcast - Hip Hop Podcast - Album Reviews

Nov 29, 2016

In this episode we talk Thanksgiving & Black Friday. Riffa tells us what's on a Mexican's plate for Thanksgiving, we share Black Friday stories and why everyone should chill the fuck out. 

Florence Henderson passed away but we only know a small amount about her. We reminisce over the Brady Bunch movies and why they were strange. Fidel Castro also passed away and America is split down the middle again. Do we praise him or wish him to hell? You be the judge.

We also talk President-elect Donald Trump aka Twitter Fingers and the atmosphere he's creating in America with the media and on the web.

Red Friday dropped and YG had a lot to say about his label woes. He sent off a flurry of tweets against Def Jam and we talk about why labels always ruin shit for everyone.

We also talk Kanye West's mental health and why we want him to make a comeback. What could be wrong with Yeezy as of late and why the beef with his closest people. 

We talk the Cowboys again on their 10 game win streak and why the talk about their schedule is bullshit. And also we cover the on field feud between Dez Bryant and Josh Norman. The NFL's had problems with ratings and John Madden appeared on the Bay Area News Podcast to share his thoughts on it and Thursday Night Football games. 

Someone won the $420 Million Lottery and we're pissed that it wasn't us. We also talk about wishes that never come true. 



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