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Jan 24, 2017

What it dew Trillions! Back with a new episode and this time we talk the very important issue of the legalization of Marijuana in the Great State of Texas. To do this, we brought on Heather Fazio of Marijuana Policy Project and Texans for Responsible Marijuana Policy. 

Heather Fazio explains what her organization is about, how long they've been working, decriminalizing Marijuana in Texas, why it wasn't on the ballot in the state of Texas, and what you can do to get involved. 

We also talk about the stigmas concerning Marijuana, Governor Greg Abbott's stance on Marijuana reform and what we're going to do to prevent the youth from accessing it. 

Bigg UU and Riffa also have a debate on whether or not Marijuana is a gateway drug and the accessibility of it. Be sure to Google House Bill 81 and Senate Bill 269. 

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