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The Truth Be Told Podcast - Hip Hop Podcast - Album Reviews

Jun 7, 2017

What it dew Trillions! Back again with episode 68 of the Truth Be Told Podcast from hosted by Riffa & Bigg UU. Thanks for supporting the podcast! Be sure to leave a 5 star review! 

We kick off this episode with a little sports talk about Lebron James and Kevin Durant. The Golden State Warriors are now up 2-0 in the NBA Finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers. We also discuss why Kevin Durant is a fraud for going to the Warriors and what would happen if Lebron came back to win. 

Now back to the Hip Hop. Eminem's track 'Stan' has been officially added to the dictionary but now there's been a new question. Who really created the way we use 'Stan' today? Was it Eminem or was it Nas when he rapped it on his diss track to Jay Z on 'Ether'? Who do you think started it? 

We get into a Drake-induced slander segment. Recently Drake's artist rider was released to the public and we go over some the requests and try to figure the reasoning behind some of these items. 

Chance the Rapper came out recently and referred to Drake and Kendrick Lamar as his OG's in the game and we're wondering if they're old enough to be called OG's. Kendrick Lamar also recently bought a Toyota Camry for his younger sister and people have the nerve to say Kendrick wa being cheap. ScHoolboy Q also came out and said that a Black Hippy album might not be coming out, we're just going to call them assholes until further notice.

Lil Yachty's album flopped and in his words it's because the people don't understand him. We have a different reasoning for why. And it involves the essence of Hip Hop. 

Bill Maher made headlines for all the wrong reasons and we touch on politics briefly to talk about his racist remarks. We also talk about progressive cannibalism and how liberals are eating their own. 

Childish Gambino is only dropping one more album but we think it's a full blow lie.

In our new segment (we'll name this segment later), we wondered what was going on with the rapper Jibbs. We did a little digging and bring you the most up to date info on him. 

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